Planning Ahead

People often ask the question, “Why would I pre-plan my funeral?”

Others avoid the topic altogether. Speaking of death is difficult for many, yet this discussion can be helpful for the surviving family and friends. Thorough and careful pre-planning can ease the burden at a most difficult time. Funeral and burial arrangements are an important consideration and should be discussed openly and frankly.

Several specific reasons for pre-planning are:

  • Careful counseling with our staff at Wilston Funeral Home can avoid unwise planning or even fraudulent schemes involving the financing of a funeral in advance of death.
  • People like the assurance that their wishes, beliefs and standards are met for their funeral.
  • Assists the survivors by arranging the details as well as funeral and burial cost guidelines.
  Burial Trust for Medicaid

Much confusion surrounds the Burial Trusts which are set up when a loved one enters a nursing home.  An irrevocable burial trust may be set up prior to the County exhausting personal funds. This trust may cover all funeral related expenses. Although these funds are irrevocable, they are portable from Funeral Home to Funeral Home.

Additional thoughts

Pre-Planning a funeral need not be funded, all arrangements can be completed without trusting.   Discussions with family regarding their needs to mourn can be very revealing, many times these needs can be incorporated in the pre-planning.

  Pre-Paid Funeral Arrangements

Your funeral arrangements may be funded in a federally insured burial trust account.


Why plan your funeral ahead of time?

Planning ahead most importantly ensures that your personal funeral preferences and wishes are satisfied.

When making funeral arrangements, many decisions need to be made.  Planning ahead allows you, as well as your family, to be active participants in the arrangement and planning process.

Planning ahead ensures that your family is not left with a financial burden.

Although not required, funding a funeral ahead of time ensures that the  cost of the funeral is guaranteed with our funeral home, unlike most other funeral homes.

Planning ahead allows you to set aside funds prior to entering a long term care situation.

Can you plan a funeral ahead of time without funding?
YES.  Although there are many advantages to funding a funeral ahead of time at today's costs, funding ahead of time is not required. It is just as important to have your wishes on record at the funeral home.

What is the first step in funeral planning?
We have an informational questionnaire to help you get started on the many questions which are involved in planning a funeral in advance.  We at the funeral home use this form to compile legal documents and obituary information.

Click on to go to questionnaire

A pre-planning conference can be held, at no obligation and without cost to you!

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