The first map of Mansfield drawn by M.L. Clark in 1856 shows the site of the Andrew J. Ross house at what is now 18 N. Main St.  The land upon which the house is located was part of the 200 acres sold by John and Peter Kelts to Asa Mann in 1824.  It was cleared by Mann in 1825-26, and the house was probably built by Ross in the 1840's.

A.J. Ross came to the area known locally as Mann's field, Richmond Township in 1835 from Bradford County, PA.  Mr. Ross was a prominent businessman and with the partnership formed with Philip Williams, they were engaged in nearly every branch of business, and wielded a controlling influence in the monetary affairs of the village and surrounding township.  In may, 1872, they formed the banking business which is today the First Citizens National Bank.  Mr. Ross died in August, 1875, and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

The Ross House was sold in 1892 to Dr. Fred Elliot.  Dr. Elliot hired midwives to help pregnant women during childbirth, and many people still live in this area who were born in the house during the earlier part of the last century.

In 1937, the home was sold to Wilford and Genevieve Shaw.  Wilford had purchased a funeral business from his uncle, Llewellyn Shaw, directly across Main St. where Ten West Espresso is currently located.  He moved the funeral business into the Ross house and continued to operate there until the time of his death.  Following Wilford's death in 1945, Genevieve continued to operated the funeral business until 1972.

At that time, the business was sold to C. Brainard and Lydia Kuhl.  They continued the operation of the funeral home until 1985, when it was purchased by Gary and Tina Wilston.

In the summer of 2006, the Wilstons purchased the Scureman Funeral Home at 130 S. Main Street and moved their funeral business there. The Wilston's are privileged to carry on such a long tradition of service to the community, and are extremely proud of the history and tradition of both their homes and their funeral business.