Grief Support

Here at Wilston Funeral Home we offer a variety of booklets, and videos for adults, as well as children, to help you through the grieving process.  The videos are available as a loan for viewing upon request.  The booklets are free to keep.  We will also mail a booklet to you upon request.

This coloring booklet will appeal to young children, as it is the story of Kolie who has lost his grandfather.  As he attends his grandfather's funeral, children can identify with Kolie in his loss and learn that his feeling and thoughts are not so different than their own.

Using a question and answer format, with pictures presented in coloring book form, this booklet provides answers those difficult questions children ask concerning death.  Some of the topics include "Why do people die? "  "Does Death Hurt?" "How can I stop feeling sad?" "Why are people buried when they die?" and "What are funerals for?"

Holidays and Special Occasions can be especially painful when dealing with the loss of a loved one.  This booklet can help you cope with your grief during these times.  It suggests many ways to memorialize loved ones or start new traditions.  It also offers activities to redirect your energy and help you focus on the positive to get you through this difficult time.

The time immediately following the death of a loved one  may be the most difficult to cope with in your lifetime.  Sometimes the period of grief extends over several weeks or even months.  Dr. Kenneth Doka, the author of this booklet, helps identify the problem area of grief recovery and offers a positive outlook for the future.  Included are many  true-to-life experiences shared by those who have successfully dealt with loss.


For Children:

A Taste of Blackberries
- Understanding Death Series, Batesville Management Services

Daddy Isn't Coming Home
- Thanos Institute
A Place Prepared
- Helping Children Understand Death and Heaven,
Produced by Charity Spatzek-Olsen, Paraclete Video Product


Planning Ahead
-Batesville Management Services

Death of a child

Death to an infant due to SIDS

Death of infant Christian Pregnancy and Loss Support

Death of spouse

Death of loved one to motor-vehicle accident

Death of a loved one to suicide

Death of child to murder

Traumatic stress, what to do after a terrible disaster

Grief Support for All Bereaved